Atelier Calla

Atelier Calla is a Jewelry, accessory and Home decor workshop founded by Christelle Chignard Paul.

Her vision started in 2007 when she was inspired to bring the classic Horn, Bone and Wood to the Next Level. Traditional Artisan work relied on the same design for decades and in an effort to reach a new market and revitalize artisan work, Christelle set to goal to establish a workshop with skilled artisans in better and fair trade inspired environment.

10 years into this adventure, Atelier Calla has now a team of artisans to whom the collaboration has impacted positively on themselves and their families.

Beyond the social impact of Atelier Calla, There is the drive to bring Timeless designs to new markets. Providing our clients with the best quality in handmade natural Horn, to keep innovating with materials, textures and finishes is what make the "Calla touch" so distinct.